We are committed to consistently growing and providing a variety of proven, strong cultivars of trees, evergreens, shrubs and other plants to best serve the landscaping needs of our clients.

At Doty Nurseries, we take pride in our quality grown plant material and commit ourselves to excellent customer service.

Nursery Offerings

Learn more about our current plants for designing your landscaping projects.

Shade Trees

The anchor of the landscape.

Ornamental Trees

Providing the distinctive impact of the landscape.

Evergreen Trees

Working year round in the landscape.


Adding form and function to the landscape.

Edible Fruit Trees

Adding delicious to the landscape.


We make landscape shopping easier and your plantings more successful with:

Above Ground Inventory


Have what you want when you need it. Take advantage of our above ground holding yard at the nursery.



Because time is of the essence, reduce the idle times of your crews by scheduling deliveries directly to your jobsite. We can work with your schedule to have your plants delivered on time.



To ensure that your order is what you would expect, each plant is personally tagged. Visit our nursery to tag your plant material yourself, or allow our staff to tag for you.

Locally Grown


We pride ourselves in providing quality plant material and quick turn around time of our digging. If you need to shift gears to another job, give us a call. Often times we can have an order dug the same day for pickup.


Introducing Doty Nurseries' Juniper Guide

CRAFTED BY Kelly Girup
Introducing Doty Nurseries' Juniper Guide

Upright junipers tend to be underused and overlooked in new designs and installations in the Midwest. Why is that? Do they get a bad rap because of their overuse in outdated landscapes? Or their less then flashy presence at a nursery? While it may be true that junipers don't have eye catching characteristics like the structure of an Acrocona Norway Spruce or the texture of a Dwarf Hinioki Falsecypress, what they do offer is something every designer should consider - background. Upright junipers are amazing at providing privacy and walls, assisting the focal points by offering a backdrop. While not too flashy or eager to be center of attention, they do what they are told: stay. Stay alive.

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