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Doty Nurseries Natives

CRAFTED BY Kelly Girup

While planting native woody plants may not be your customers’ highest priority, it should at least be a consideration when installing a new landscape or sprucing up an existing one. The diversity of our natives offers unique flowers and foliage, and colors and textures, that are often lost in newly introduced varieties and cultivars, and provides habitats for our native birds. Let’s work together to re-introduce our state’s plant diversity.


Doty Nurseries will continue to grow and supply North American woody natives. We just ask that you play your part by providing your customers the knowledge and option of native plants. Together we can restore and beautify our natural landscape and keep the birds and your customers happy.




Doty Nurseries Native Woody Plants: Above Ground and Ready for Pickup




Common Hackberry / Celtis occidentalis: Native to Central and Northeastern North America


Kentucky Coffee Tree / Gymnocladus dioicus: Native to Central and Eastern North America


Bur Oak / Quercus macrocarpa: Native to Northern and Central United States


River Birch / Betula nigra: Native to Eastern United States


Vernal Witch hazel / Hamamelis vernalis: Native to Southern and Central United States


Blackhaw Viburnum / Viburnum prunifolium: Native to Eastern and Central North America



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