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Introducing Doty Nurseries' Juniper Guide

CRAFTED BY Kelly Girup

Upright junipers tend to be underused and overlooked in new designs and installations in the Midwest. Why is that? Do they get a bad rap because of their overuse in outdated landscapes? Or their less then flashy presence at a nursery? While it may be true that junipers don't have eye catching characteristics like the structure of an Acrocona Norway Spruce or the texture of a Dwarf Hinioki Falsecypress, what they do offer is something every designer should consider - background. Upright junipers are amazing at providing privacy and walls, assisting the focal points by offering a backdrop. While not too flashy or eager to be center of attention, they do what they are told: stay. Stay alive.

Presenting Doty Nurseries' 2016 Upright Juniper lineup:



Fairview Juniper: A strong upright juniper, this evergreen works well as a tall narrow evergreen screen.



Hooks #6 Juniper: A low maintenance evergreen which needs little pruning to maintain its dense pyramidal shape. The spike-like branching provides distinctive texture and is a good choice for use in a group or hedge.



Iowa Juniper: This evergreen has a loose pyramidal habit with irregular branching. Awl-shaped and scale-like blue-green foliage maintains its density as it matures.



Mountbatten Juniper: A tree with a large, full and natural pyramidal form, it works well as a specimen, in groups or in a large hedge.



Burkii Juniper: A native juniper with light, soft blue branches, this tree forms a broad, mounding pyramid when left unsheared.



Canaerti Juniper: A native juniper which opens up with age, becoming more picturesque with time. This juniper is also notable for its abundant, bright blue berries.



Hillspire Juniper: This native species has a loose pyramidal form and cypress-like greenish foliage which maintains its color throughout the year.



Silver Cedar (Glauca) Juniper: A good choice for natural looking specimens or for hedge screenings, this evergreen is known for its silvery-gray foliage.


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